Conpro Super Seal Below Grade Waterproofing by Conproco

Conpro Super Seal Below Grade Waterproofing by Conproco

Conpro Super Seal Below Grade Waterproofing by Conproco

Looking to buy Conpro Super Seal Below Grade, Negative Side, Waterproofing  by Conproco?  Prompt delivery, expert advice & competitive prices from the Duke Company in Rochester NYIthaca NY & Western NY.  Call 585-292-9870 and 607-347-4455 for immediate service.

Conpro Super Seal – Negative Side – Below Grade Waterproofing Specifications

Conpro Super Seal is a precision engineered waterproof slurry (two-componeent, crystalline).  It is designed to be applied to the the inside of below-grade structures in order to stop water from entering.  Notably, just two coats of Conpro Super Seal by Conproco will hold off 57 head of water.  Helpful information:

  • Prevents water from entering by growing a complex crystalline structure in the minuscule capillaries of concrete structures.
  • Available in white powder and gray powder.

Professional tips include:

  • Mix Conpro Super Seal with water.  Add Conpro Super Seal Admix to create a slurry.
  • Apply two coats and make sure that the substrate surface is open (to enable crystal growth).
  • For helpful application instructions, call the Duke Company’s construction material experts.

Download Helpful Information on Conpro Super Seal by Conproco

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