Sikadur 32 LPL Epoxy Adhesive

Sikadur 32 LPL Epoxy Adhesive

Picture of Sikadur 32 LPL Epoxy Adhesive

Looking to buy Sikadur 32 Hi-Mod LPL epoxy adhesive?  Best prices, fast delivery + expert advice from the Duke Company – Rochester NY, Ithaca NY & W. NY.

Sikadur 32 is respected by construction pros as being an outstanding epoxy adhesive and grouting adhesive. Notably, it is high modulus and strength.  The product is moisture-tolerant and offers a long pot life.

Important Sikadur 32 LPL Epoxy Adhesive Product Information:

  • Compliance:  current ASTM C-991, Types I and II, Grade-2, Class-C
  • Uses:  warm weather concrete jobs that require a powerful bonding adhesive; plastic concrete to hardened concrete & steel; grouting of horizontal cracks and more.
  • Advantages:  high-strength bonding, outstanding adhesion to most structural materials; convenient ration A:B = 1:1 by volume.

For project planning purposes, you will be impressed that 1 gallon of Sikadur 32 High-Mod LPL covers 80 square feet on a smooth surface.  Available in one and four gallon pails.

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