Toro Dingo Rental – TX 525 Narrow Track

Toro Dingo Rental – TX 525 Narrow Track

Toro Dingo Rental - TX 525 Narrow Track

Looking to rent a highly capable Toro Dingo TX 525 Narrow Track compact utility loader in Rochester NY, Ithaca NY and Western New York?  The Duke Company proudly offers the finest rental equipment and prompt pick-up and delivery.

The Toro Dingo Compact TX 525 Narrow TrackUtility Loader is renown for ease-of-use, increasing productivity and elevating project efficiency.  If you are looking to rent a highly capable machine that is capable, like a Bobcat or Skid Steer, Auger or Wheel Loader, the Toro Dingo is renown for:

  • Working in confined spaces enabling you to quickly get through standard door ways and gate areas.  Gain increased productivity from work that you would have previously done manually.
  • Operating with minimal footprint and ground pressure = 5.2 psi (pounds per square inch
  • Powerful and durable hydraulics, based on a 4-pump system.  Enables the operator to enable multiple functions in parallel, increasing productivity.
  • Easy to use controls
  • Stable operation based on the Toro Dingo’s low center of gravity.  Enables operations on hills and rough terrain.
  • Very capable 25 horse-power, diesel-powered engine by industry leader – Kohler.

Key Specifications:

  • Ground Clearance = 4.6 inches
  • Max. speed when going forward = 4 MPH
  • Max. speed in reverse = 2 MPH
  • Height = 46.1 inches
  • Length = 70.7 inches
  • Width = 33.7 inches
  • Hydraulics = 3,000 psi
  • Operating Capacity = 533 pounds
  • Track Width = 5.9 inches
  • Weight = 1904 pounds

Helpful Download Information:

Rental Attachments:

The Toro Dingo is available with a  complete range of productivity enhancing attachments that are available for rent including:

Rental Attachment Photos:

Toro Dingo Auger Rental Attachment Toro Dingo Backhoe Rental Attachment Toro Dingo Bucket Rental Attachment Toro Dingo Cement Bowl and Hydraulic Breaker Rental AttachmentsToro Dingo Vibratory Plow and Boring Rental Attachment Toro Dingo Trencher Rental Attachment Toro Dingo Stump Grinder Rental Attachment Toro Dingo Platform Rental Attachment Toro Dingo Ground Prep Rental Attachment Toro Dingo Forks Rental Attachment