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Looking for the best Stamped Concrete Finishing Solutions?  The Duke Company carries Sika Scofield’s complete line of outstanding products to add color to concrete, texturing concrete, restoring old concrete, and products for protecting concrete including Integral Color Concrete, Decorative Concrete Stains, Concrete Color Hardeners and Concrete Patterns and Textures.

Pro’s rely on The Duke Company and Sika Scofield for coloring concrete and transforming ‘normal’ concrete into ‘fantastic’ projects.  Sika Scofield’s compatible, engineered decorative concrete systems allows building Pros and their customers  to achieve high-performing concrete that looks fantastic.

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Architectural Concrete Systems by Sika Scofield

Integral Color Concrete| Sika Scofield Decorative Concrete - The Duke Company - Pro Building Supplies in Upstate NY

Integral Color Concrete| Sika Scofield Decorative Concrete

Sika Scofield Integral Concrete Color is color that is added to the concrete mix. When the concrete is poured into the formwork, it is colored all the way through.


  • Typically the most cost-effective way to add color to concrete.
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with other concrete coloring and finishing techniques to create a variety of appearances.

Scofield offers three premium quality concrete coloring admixtures to fit every concrete project, from plazas and floors to tilt-up and cast in place.

  1. SOLACHROME™ Integral Color for High-SRI Concrete
  2. CHROMIX® Admixtures for Color-Conditioned® Concrete
  3. SCOFIELD® Integral Color SG

Concrete Color Hardeners | Sika Scofield Decorative Concrete - The Duke Company - Pro Building Supplies in Western NY

Decorative Concrete Stains | Sika Scofield Decorative Concrete

Sika Scofield Decorative Concrete Stains are used to color the surface of cured, colored or uncolored concrete. They are typically sprayed onto the prepared surface, and sometimes worked in with a brush. Acid stains create unique, variegated appearance, and the color is permanent. No two acid stained floors will be alike in appearance.

Highlights of Water-based Stains:

  • Water-based stains are high-performance, low-odor stains that offer more color selections than acid stain, including vibrant reds, purples, yellows and blues.
  • Floors colored with water-based stains can be more quickly returned to service.

Scofield offers four exceptional concrete stains and dyes to fit every concrete project:

  1. SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Liquid Dye Concentrate for polished floors or dye and seal, interior only.
  2. SCOFIELD® Revive™ Exterior Concrete Stain brings consistency to faded or mismatched concrete.
  3. LITHOCHROME® Chemstain® Classic Acid stain for interior or exterior use.
  4. LITHOCHROME® Tintura™ Stain water-based stain for bright colors, or jobs where acid stain is impractical

Concrete Color Hardeners | Sika Scofield Decorative Concrete - The Duke Company - Upstate NY Building Supplies

Concrete Color Hardeners | Sika Scofield Decorative Concrete

Sika Scofield Concrete Color Hardeners are precise blends of cement, gap-graded silica quartz aggregates, synthetic iron oxides and plasticizer that are applied to freshly placed concrete. They create abrasion resistant interior floors and freeze/thaw stable exterior hardscapes that stand up to foot and vehicular traffic and extreme weather. Color hardeners are available in a wide array of standard color options, and can be used in conjunction with different finishing techniques such as jointing schemes, saw cutting, and stenciling to create unique architectural surfaces.

Scofield manufactures two premium quality, abrasion resistant concrete color hardeners for coloring concrete floors and hardscapes.

  1. EMERCHROME® SC Color Hardener for acid etched or sandblast finish
  2. LITHOCHROME® Color Hardener for patterned and textured concrete, or hard troweled finishes

Concrete Patterns and Textures | Sika Scofield Decorative Concrete - The Duke Company - Equipment Rental and Building Supplies in Upstate Ny

Concrete Patterns and Textures | Sika Scofield Decorative Concrete

Stamped concrete is a system of matched concrete and overlayment pattern and texturing tools used to transform the surface of freshly placed architectural concrete into patterns and textures that resemble other building materials such as stone, slate, wood, or brick. Stamped concrete is both easier to install and more cost-effective than these other materials. The result is a natural looking, low-maintenance surface with the structural strength and wear-resistance of concrete.

Scofield offers a complete range of products to add texture or pattern to new concrete, or to restore existing concrete including:

  • LITHOCHROME® Antiquing Release Pro Colored stamp tool release
  • LITHOCAST™ Surface Retarder for creating exposed aggregate concrete
  • LITHOTIQUE™ Antiquing Agent accent stain for textured concrete
  • LITHOTEX® Pavecrafters® pattern & texturing tools
  • SCOFIELD® Texturetop® Pro restorative concrete overlay

What is the CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) Masterformat?

  • The CSI MasterFormat is a coding system for document organization for construction related documents including construction design specifications, contracts, construction documents and other materials.
  • The CSI uses specific numbers and titles that make up a universal indexing system.
  • MasterFormat is also a publication created and maintained by the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) and Construction Specifications Canada (CSC). Notably, the CSI is widely used in the construction and operation of buildings and systems in many industries and projects, from healthcare and public infrastructure to educational structures and commercial. residential construction.
  • Advantages of Using CSI’s MasterFormat:
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